Pre- Sales in Locus Amoenus are open – schedule and prices

From today, we will open the pre-sales in Locus Amoenus.

Locus Amoenus is scheduled to be delivered on September the 1st.

As a general information, these are the  rates for the sim:

SALE… @ US$0.05/sqm
512 sqm   L$7552
1024 sqm    L$15104
TIER… @ L$4.35/sqm
512 sqm    L$2227/month
1024 sqm    L$4454/month
But for easiness of consultation, Sudane prepared a Google Spreadsheet in which you can see which plots are for sale and check their price. This spreadsheet is automatically updated:
How to Buy
Sudane explains it very carefully in this forum post.
But to make it short, you must:
1. Check in the Google spreadsheet if your desired plot is still available
2. Pay the price of the plot to Rudeen Edo
3. Email Sudane telling her you acquired plot XX, so that she can update the GSpreadsheet.
Pre-reservations will be held till Sept the 1st, when in the case the person who has made the pre-reservation hasn’t bought the plot, we’ll make it available for others interested.

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