Pre-reservations in Locus Amoenus are open

Even though we don’t have neither the final pricing or the date of completion of the sim, we decided to inquire about your interest in acquiring land in Locus Amoenus. Therefore, we ask you to please express your interest in a comment to this post.

Due to the lack of the data mentioned above, we do not regard your comment as a compromise, seeing you are not aware of pricing or of  when land will be available to you. That will be dealt soon, we hope, after we publish the price and schedule. But nevertheless, we would be interested to know about your intentions to acquire land in this new sim.

12 thoughts on “Pre-reservations in Locus Amoenus are open

  1. Sorry about the previous post. The page ws just not allowing me to login at all, until I cam by way of the forums(!!). by which route the logins worked!

    I wish to reserve parcels
    and we will take 26 and 29 if no one wants them. I am working in a group with Alex, Salzie, and anyone else who is interested in a small commercial “Greek zone”, in keeping with the roman theme.


  2. I wish to reserve parcels 30 and 31

    I attempted to post a request yesterday by
    way of SL amd its default browser with
    partial, possibly no, success.

    Pip Torok

  3. this sim is for new citizens.. not for our buying pleasure.. this was somthing beathan and the RA dicussed,a lot of other citizens agreed…. , we need new fresh blood in CDS…………..I thought we made this part of the bill. I guess we overlooked that. oh well, some things never change. We dont even have seven people running for seven seats………we cant do what we need done cos we dont have enough citizens.

  4. of course.. that is my ever so humble opinion, but……….it should not apply to ME! I want the four best lots please. who cares about CDS.. oh and small lots close to gether.. they make bigger lots.. wow! WHO KNEW, MOON?

  5. correction, i see i’ve posted one lot twice, What i am looking for are the parcels adjcaent to mine in CN, so 41, and possibly 39 and 42.

  6. An other comment. I am interested to collaborate on the greek commercial zone, in order to sell some peplos. As I take some plots in LA, I wil sale soon one of my house in CN (probably the shop).
    Let me know the details about this nice project 🙂

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