Locus Amoenus

Locus Amoenus is the 4th sim of the CDS, which will be built this summer. It will be located west to our Roman sim Colonia Nova, and again, the theme is roman.

Main differences are that this sim will be more pastoral in essence, not a city core – and with a sea shore and quay.

There will be only two plot sizes – 512 and 1024 m2 – but each will have the double prim allowance – and you can join plots to a maximum of 4096 m2!

One thought on “Locus Amoenus

  1. In literature, the name’s meaning extends past its literal transaction of nice or friendly place. ‘Locus amoenus’ is used to mean an elegaic or idealized place of comfort, often a natural setting outside the walls of civlization. The term is redolent of, and sometimes used in references to, the Garden of Eden, and the pastoral settings in Spenser’s Fairie Queen and Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream.

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